Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Elmar Cabin is a an early 20th century cabin house acquired and converted into a B&B type transient house, owned and managed by the adorable Ms. Ely Joaquin-Lacambra.  This gorgeous place used to be owned by a former beauty queen, I won't say, ask the owner.

Entryway is through the wide parking lot.  Right side full wall is decorated with rows of plants and lowers.  Similar to what you can find at Good Shepherd and parks of the city.
Parking lot cum al-fresco cafe at Elmar Cabin.

Pretty rows of flowers and plants on the wall of Elmar.

There are several wooden tables and chairs scattered outdoor infront of the house where guests can sit, relax, sip hot and cold beverages and enjoy the blue skies and the cool weather or mingle with other guests.
Al-fresco cafe.

Elmar Cabin is only 1 km away to Session Road or Burnham Park. If you're one of those who prefer to explore the city by walking - and by the way Baguio has cool climate all year round - it will only take you 15 minutes or less and you'll reach Session Road, Sm Baguio or Burnham Park.

Entrance to the cabin house is through the lovely porch with wooden benches and coffee table.  The main door open up to the colorful reception area with big couches, an old piano, an antique clock, and several interesting stuff.
Nice porch with pretty mosaic-style flooring.

Entry to the reception area.

Guests can hangout day or night at the indoor cafeteria, order some beverages, meals, snacks, or (I prefer personally) the lovely spacious outdoor cafeteria surrounded by different kinds of flora, just infront of the cabin house. Bonfire at night? They can also arrange that for big groups.
Old piano at the reception area.

Antique clock and the piano.

Comfy couches at the reception/lobby area.

The cabin house have 7 suites and each can accommodate from 4 - 8 guests each. Some people want to stay away from the crowded city center but some want to be near it.  When it comes to proximity to city proper and if one wants to stay near the Burnham Park, Session Road or SM Baguio, Elmar is a good choice.
Cabin Suite 1

Cabin Suite 2

Cabin Suite 3

Bathroom for each suites.

Suite Amenities:

  • All suites at Elmar Cabin has 32-inch flat panel cable TV, Internet Wifi, built-in cabinet, ensuite bathroom with hot and cold shower.  
  • Bedframes are custom-built made of hard wood for that sturdy and no-shake comfort.  Single, doubles, and the double decks are built with comfortable stair onto the upper deck similar to those I've seen in some european cabin houses, not the usual wooden planks but real stairs with hand rails. 
  • All beds are furnished with clean bed linens and snuggly fleece blankets. 
  • Flooring is wooden parquet for that authentic country cabin feel to it.

The first level of the house has 3 suites:
Cabin Suite 1  is located beside the reception area, with 1 double-size-double-deck + 1 single bed, good for 5 persons. 
Cabin Suite 2  is located way past the reception area, with 2 double-size-double-deck beds, good for 8 persons. 
Cabin Suite 3  is located way past the reception area, with 1 double-size-double-deck bed + 1 single bed, good for 5 persons. 

Cabin Suite 4

Cabin Suite 5

Cabin Suite 6

Cabin Suite 7

Bathroom for each suite.

The second level of the house has 4 suites, accessible through a short flight of  wooden stairs:

Cabin Suite 4  has 2 double-size-double-deck beds, good for 8 persons. 
Cabin Suite 5  has 2 double-size-double-deck beds, good for 8 persons. 
Cabin Suite 6  is a smaller suite with 1 double-size-double-deck beds, good for 4 persons. 
Cabin Suite 7  is a smaller suite with 1 double-size-double-deck beds, good for 4 persons. 
Stair to the second level suites.

Reception at Elmar Cabin.

Approximately 4 - 5 minutes jeepney ride or drive away to Burnham Park, Session Rd, SM Baguio.   Jeepney to city proper is passing infront of Elmar Cabin.

By Jeepney:  Take the Pinget-Dreamland bound jeepney from the jeepney terminal along Magsaysay Ave. across Baguio Public Market. Travel time is 3 – 5 minutes (1 km)  to our place, getoff infront of the light blue Inglesia Ni Cristo Church, we are across.  Fare is P8.

By TAXI:  Take any taxi at the city proper. Tell the taxi driver to take you to 11 Lower Burgos Street and getoff infront of the light blue colored Iglesia Ni Cristo Church, we are across. Fare is about P55 / taxi.
Jeepneys are passing along the main road about 10 meters infront of Elmar Cabin

Address: 11 Lower P. Burgos Street, Baguio City
Contact:  Contact: Ely Lacambra 09563741216/09071505578