Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

I was so bored and it’s a glorious sunny day,I have to go somewhere!  So, I walked to the highway and jumped on a multicab (shared van) to the downtown and from there (infront of Jolibee) I took another multicab with the sign “Irawan”, I’ve read that it’s an eco park, fare is 20 pesos, a little long ride but along a tree-lined road and nice sceneries here and there.  The driver of the multicab told me that I have to get off the highway and walk my way to the eco-park, about less than a kilometer walk.  Yet when we reached the road leading to the eco-park, he decided to instead take me direct to the entrance, sweet!  So I needn’t have to take the kilometer walk, people here in Puerto Princesa are nice.

Here’s what I found out, the entrance is actually the reception/registration hall for the many activities in the eco-park including the 1.3 kilometer or so zipline, dubbed as “Asia’s longest Zipline”.  Other activities are Skywalk, Tarzan Swing, Wall Climbing, Jungle and River trail, Carabao cart ride, and the Butterfly Garden.

But the reception area itself is a garden restaurant serving Asian cuisine, a nice display of artsy handicrafts, a beautiful nature retreat with lots of hammocks and a tent where you can spend a night or two.  Even if you’re not taking the zipline or join any of their activities, you can always hang out at the registration ground garden café, swing at one of the hammocks and read a nice book.  Relaxing atmosphere surrounded by tall trees, fairy statues, some livestock, grassy lawn, just don’t forget to bring a mosquito off-lotion as I got beaten twice or so. 

But of course people go there for the zipline, so if you want to have that exhilarating experience hanging your way along a more than kilometer zipline with spectacular views of tall trees in the jungle and rivers, get there, it may turn out to be the highlight of your trip in Puerto Princesa.

You can go on your own at the registration area in Baranggay Irawan by multicab (sign “Irawan”), when you get there, look for the very friendly Randy at the reception.  The zipline and all activities are on top of the mountain, some 800 meters away up on a zigzag road).

Or better yet, avail of their package inclusive of pick up from your hotel in the city, and:

Welcome drinks,
Lunch or Snacks, 1.3 km,
Zipline Adventure or River Massage,
River Trail and Fish Feeding,
Carabao Cart Ride, Bee Farm Tour,
Irawan Art Café Gallery,
Canopy Skywalk,
Butterfly Farm visit

All for only PHP1,300.

The Irawan Eco Park is open from 8:00am til 5:00pm, Mondays to Sundays.

A not to be missed activity if you’re in the City in a Forest.  I'll be posting more info and photos of the Zipline once we do it by next week.


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