Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Two nights in Bontoc, I got my new spectacles, I could now see clearly, and I was about to board the jeepney back to Sagada but it’s too early.  Instead I took a tricycle and ask the driver to drop me off at Bontoc Museum.
The lady at the hotel told me a while ago that they won’t allow photography inside the museum, I thought it’s not worth paying for the entry fee if you can’t take pictures.  Still I went just to use the time.

Bontoc Museum is an ethonological museum showcasing artifacts from various indigenous communities in Bontoc, Kankane-ey, Ifugao, Benguet, Abra, Kalinga and Apayao.  

It has several glass cabinets where the artistry of different ethnic communities in their times are displayed.  Tools, rattan and bamboo crafts, tools, hunting paraphernalia, musical instruments, handwoven cloths, wooden statues, pottery, ornaments, baskets, jugs, ritual objects, heirlooms, including an impressive array of centuries-old Chinese porcelain plates, pottery, jugs, stonewares from Sung, Ming and Ching dynasties.

The collection of black&white photography of Eduardo Masferre displayed on walls of the museum is inspiring.  Mostly of depicting village life, sceneries around the Cordillera region, tribes elders and village life.  Look for the photographs of the headhunters.

Photography is not allowed inside the museum so all photographs in this post are taken from the Outside Museum.  Although the lady there voiced out her concern about fellow Filipinoes who can’t understand or don’t want to understand the prohibitions.There is a portion though at the museum where one can take photographs (a selfie perhaps), and that would be the Outdoor Museum, an open-air zone showcasing the traditional Bontoc “ili” or village, complete with several huts – prototype of villagers residence, rice granary, dead people rites, mostly depicting village life. 
There’s also a souvenir shop and a library within the compound.
The Bontoc Museum is under the care of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The museum building was inaugurated in June 1980.  The museum was started by the late Sister Basil Gekiere, a Belgian nun who started her missionary work in Bontoc in the year 1931. 
Bontoc Museum is located right at the town center beside the St. Vincent's Elementary School.

Entry Fee:  P60
Address: Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines
Tel.: +63 74 606 8084
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