Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I’m starting to explore Palawan, at least some of those out of the city, which means – out of Puerto Princesa City.  The night before, all the major international news network were broadcasting the incoming typhoon “Rammasun”  (or known locally as Typhoon Glenda).  As announced on the news, the heavy typhoon will be hitting the country, so our trip to Narra, Palawan will be postponed.There was heavy rain until dawn but the sun started to appear at around 9:00am and we decided to head on to Narra.  The wind was cold and it started to drizzle when we reached Aborlan, the town before Narra.  The road were OK except for some bumps here and there especially the ones near our destination, nonetheless, mostly are concrete roads.  The last portion though of the way – a kilometer or so stretch – were not concrete.
It took us more than 2 hours to reach the place, perhaps because we stopped at a corralled beach along the way and a couple of stops more to buy some stuff.  
Estrella  Falls, albeit far from Puerto Princesa City, is beautiful and worth the 2-hour trip and about 95 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa.  Heavy water plummeting from approximately 20 meters above with a huge rock jutting in the middle splitting the heavy gushing.  The very clear pool just below the falls is so inviting, hues of green and blue, from the colors of the trees and the skies above.  The water then cascades into several more pools along the river.

There are several huts for visitors and a barbecue area, just bring your charcoal and your food and enjoy the whole day picnicking beside the clean flowing river.  If you feel or hear some rattling  of leaves on the trees above you, don’t panic, they’re families of monkeys dangling on branches – residents of the park.

Estrella Falls close at 5:00pm, so better leave early morning to get there before noontime and have enough time to enjoy the beauty of the place and enjoy the cool water.  And if you want to have a picnic, bring fresh fish or meat and some charcoal, they have a BBQ facility.

How to get there:

If you're not familiar driving in Palawan, I'd suggest you hire a van or multicab with a driver to drive you to Narra.  Otherwise, just hit the road to the south, when you get to Narra town, ask locals when you get to the market of the town which is just along the main road.  Or take one of those big jeepneys or buses at San Jose terminal that goes to Narra.  Arriving at Narra, hire a tricycle to take you to Estrella Falls.

Entry Fee"\:  20 pesos per head and 75 pesos for the huts.

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