Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Going to Turkuazoo yesterday with little kids, taking the tramvay was a nightmare.  It’s hard enough to jostle with mostly adult passengers, worsened by the arguing boy and girl who got tired of walking and want to be towed on a baby stroller.  Today, I’m not going to take a chance on a mass transportation, it’s gonna be another disaster, so we took a taxi for less than TL20.

Our destination – Istanbul Dolphinarium – another itinerary to entertain the little devils – errr – angels, I mean.

Upon reaching the place, we and another family were waiting for the opening.  We weren’t able to catch the first show at 11:00am so we will have to wait for the second show time at 1:30pm.  We were informed by one of the staff to wait for some more people to arrive otherwise they may not be able to open for the second show if there will be few turnouts.  There has to be more than 20 attendees and the three kids were happily playing on the trampoline at the courtyard while we’re waiting for more people to arrive.  It was still early anyway so we’ve to wait, I don’t want to disappoint the little fellows who were too excited to see the dolphins. 

Too many vacant seats.

Hundred of kids arrived that filled up all the empty seats.
We were glad when another group arrived and now we’re about 30 people, the staff started selling us tickets and let us in at 1:15pm.  Since very few people were in attendance, we took the front row seats just at the side of the big pool.  It did not take long though from the time the show started until the arrival of probably more than a hundred of excited kids, school children on a field trip, and the stadium were full of giggling children.

The show was really entertaining for children and adults alike, I never expected I’ll be having fun too.  The show was composed of a beluga white whale, fur seals, dolphins jumping on hoolahoops, shooting basketball and several amusing stunts, but the star of the show – for me – was the funny huge walrus that plays the saxophone and dancing the tango.

The three kids, even the smallest 1.5-year-old, were so happy watching the mammals do their stunts and being playful with the audience.

The Dolphinarium also offers swimming with the dolphins for children above 10 years old which costs TL200 for two people or TL150 for one.  Better book in advance to avail of this. 

Istanbul Dolphinarium is located on the Golden Horn. 

Entry Fees:  TL25 Adults, 20 Child upto 16 y/o, free for 3 y/o and below.

How to get there: It’s easier taking a taxi if you’re a group or with children, or bus nos. 36CE, 399B, 399C, 399D, 44B, 99 departing from Eminonu (ferry port) or bus nos. 39 & 39C from the Grand Bazaar in Beyazit.  Get off at the ‘Sakarya Mahallesi’ bus stop.


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