Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barangay Irawan is one of the district of Puerto Princesa City not very far from the crocodile farm and Iwahig Colony.  It’s fame is owed to its being home to Asia’s longest canopy zipline at 1.3 kilometers long with it’s fascinating skywalk.  But I’m not going to talk about the Eco-Park.  I’m starting to explore the off-the-beaten path of the city like I used to in other countries, I simply like small villages.   What's amazing about Puerto Princesa is the abundance of sights to see, even those not on the list of highlights are in fact sights worth visiting.  There are lots of places to explore, nature to bask in.

I walked along the main road from the reception of the Irawan Eco-Park and few meters down the road I spotted this forked road, one is the main and the other is sloping down and heard water flowing, so there must be a river and my instinct once again was confirmed.  Yes, there’s a river just beside the main road where kids are having a swim and catching something on the water though I never found out what it was. 

The river is clean and there are some locals washing their clothes.  The barangay (district or village) itself is quaint, very local and the street is lined with huge trees.  The atmosphere is very local and evokes authentic forest feeling.

You can visit Irawan and its river by taking a multicab with “Irawan” sign on it and get off at the corner junction and walk your way to the road all the way to Irawan Eco-Park, if you’re heading there – for the zipline of course.  Or you can always book the eco-park’s package deal at PHP1,300 inclusive of hotel pick-up, lunch, zipline, and almost all of their facilities.


  1. Nice summary of Irawan, good photos of the river.