Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013
A nice Sunday, not too sunny but no rain in Puerto Princesa City, great day for a ride.  We drove off to the northern part just to take in some sights and probably discover some nice mountainous district, and then we found this breath-taking view, this will be on the next post.

We stopped by Salvacion Viewdeck first, it’s situated on a hillside cliff just off the main highway commanding a nice view of the small islets on the bay.  It’s Sunday and no one is manning the small souvenir shop and coffee corner, no entry fee, this is one of those freebies in the city.

There’s a family of about 5 people already on the viewdeck when we arrived, enjoying the serenity of the place and the nice view of the bay.  There are other viewdeck in the area, one is shaped like an ark, perhaps it used to be a huge boat, got retired and converted into a beautiful deck.  I’m not sure though if entry on those are free, probably some restaurants.

But the viewdeck we climbed is a project of the former city mayor, the Hon. Edward Hagedorn, so it’s free.  There’s a treehouse, nice trees around, quiet place just to hand around and relax.

Salvacion Viewdeck is located about 50 or less kilometers from the city centre off to the Puerto Princesa North Road.

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