Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
El Nido Corner

Although not full-packed these days because of the delayed peak season, El  Nido town has several restaurants, bars, restobars and places to hang-out at night.  Maybe not as frenzy as other beach destinations which by the way is something to boast about especially for people looking for an authentic and unspoilt town, El Nido it is.  Let me make it clear that EN is not a party place or overcrowded with party people like Boracay or Bali (Indonesia, where I’m awake til the sun shines some years ago), but you can always find somewhere to enjoy a drink or two or have a decent meal either by the bay or by the quaint street of the small town.

Here are some which I’ve collected while walking along at night, I’ve been in some of them ( I no longer drink by the way).

El Nido Corner – at the leftt end of the beach (sea at your back), right before reaching the edge that leads to the cemetery.  Several tables and chairs, they serve seafoods, pizza, and local variety, buy 1 take 1 on cocktails and sunset offers on drinks from 4:00pm til 6:30pm.  Wifi available.
El Nido Corner

Habibi – dubbed as the only shisha café in the province of Palawan.  It’s a restaurant and shisha café.   It’s an Arabic word for “beloved”, so it’s quite fair that their specialty is “shisha” (other terms for this waterpipe:  hubbly-bubbly, hookah, narghile, arghile).  Located by the bayside, just walk along the beach, it’s on the upper level of Submariner Diving Center.  It’s a men’s world, what happens to “Habibti” (female for habibi)?

Habibi Restaurant & Shisha Bar

IBR Fastfood – perhaps the most popular mid-budget restaurant in El Nido, not as cheap as the local eateries serving meals for less than a hundred nor as expensive as the higher end Squido’s or Sea Slugs.  You can find lots of meals at IBR either you’re on a shoestring budget or otherwise, meals range from PHP50 to 200.  It became my favorite place, not ready meals like lots of local eateries where you just select from the available dish on display, food at IBR are cooked upon ordering, so it’s hot.  Located along the main street in front of Ric Son’s.  Fastfood it isn’t, I have to wait for 15 minutes to half an hour for the cooking process.  Be aware though that some of their meals are good for 2 persons, like the “pancit” (rice noodles with chicken bits and veggies cooked in soy sauce), or their “Lomi” (egg noodles in soup of chicken bits and veggies).  Open round-the-clock.

Jane Restobar – small place just below the Casa Buenavista, right fronting the beach.
Jane Restobar

La Chupetta – It’s more of a hang out bar, located along the main street, tall stools, big TV, lots of drinks.  Popular among foreign tourists.
La Chupetta

Lord’s Favor Grill & Restaurant – a popular street side grill and restaurant.  Grilled fish, chicken or pork.  Grilled pieces of pork on sticks costs only PHP10, you can dine in or to-go.  Located along the street near the Lhuiller, Tourist Information Center  and right after the big church.
Lord's Favor Grill
Marber’s – Tables and chairs just beside the sands, fronting the bay.

OG’s Restobar – Frequented by foreign tourists, just below the OG’s Beach Pension.  Along the beach, fronting the bay.  Tables and chairs laid out al fresco on the sands.

Pukka Bar – haystacks draped over the façade.  Pukka’s located along the beach sands, fronting the bay beside Atmosphere.
Pukka Bar

Sea Slugs – an all-time favorite and popular among local and foreign tourists.  Many say, it’s the best and most decent restaurant in EN.  I find the food a bit on the high-end, a bit expensive but, yes, decently prepared.  Their fish steak is good, I think they fry it on butter with veggies on the side.  Their Filipino breakfast is good and big portion, the tocino (sweetened pork) on the “Tocilog” is delicious, it comes with fried egg, fried rice, fruits and hot bev.  Dine in or at the sands.  Located along the beach.  Wifi available.
Sea Slugs
Squido’s – Also popular among tourists, wifi available.  Located along the main street.  Just beside it is their Squido’s Restobar.
Waterhole – a drinking bar, music, hangout – probably aimed at singles, as the signs on the tree right at the entrance suggest.

I’ve seen a lot more restaurants and bars in EN but my camera fooled me and was just able to snap on the visible ones.  So checkout for updates on my next EN trip.


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