Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The island hopping tours in Coron usually ends late in the afternoon and all will terminate at the beautiful bay.  Just the right time to spend calm, poetic moments at the bay watching the sunset.

Unlike El Nido, Coron doesn't have a swimming beach at the town center.  What they have though is a promenade park where one can spend a lazy afternoon strolling around the bayside, waiting for the sun to set.  

I thought the sunset will not show its brilliance that afternoon as it rained in the morning and huge knots of clouds have accumulated right there on the horizon that appeared to me like it’s forcing its prowess over the sun, twisting, rolling angst of whites and grays, yet in the end the sun emerged as the victor.

Although it did provide for a dramatic ornament on the horizon complementing the beauty that is - the gorgeous sunset  at Coron Bay.

It was glorious!  With the cold wind blowing, boats sailing, serenity surround, it’s melancholic.  


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