Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

I was apprehensive about going to Faralya today, the winter time is setting in and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get there from Dalyan.  Nonetheless, I packed my bag and bade goodbye to my host in Dalyan.  I walked the 7-minute road from my accommodation up to the center of Dalyan and I immediately headed to the van depot where I’ve seen some dolmush (public transport van) the day before, not far from the turtle statue at the intersection.

The long road to Faralya and the ride to hell, somewhat.

I approached the small office of the transport cooperative where the dolmush were parked and I was informed that there is no direct transport to Fethiye so I took the only available van on to Ortaca which is the nearest transport hub.  I paid TL4.  Ortaca has a bigger bus terminal, however, upon arrival no available bus yet to Fethiye so the guy at the terminal told me to wait. I sat at one of the benches took out a book and engaged myself into some reading.  After an hour, the minibus arrived at last and it was almost full when we left the terminal at Ortaca.  Fare was TL11.

Ortaca bus terminal.

Reaching the central bus terminal in Fethiye, I immediately proceeded outside and waited along the road for my ride. I stood for quite some time in front of Carrefour with a local couple waiting for the bus too heading to Oludeniz, who told me that I may not find a bus that goes all the way to Faralya because it’s already winter.  I know that wasn’t true but it’s getting late and I don’t want to get stuck at the terminal so instinctively I boarded the Oludeniz minibus along with the couple.  From Oludeniz, I’ve waited again for almost an hour for the van heading to Faralya.  I burned the time walking along the sandy beach and watching the paragliders.  That’s one activity I want to include on my bucket list.  I know I may not do it as I have a fear of height but just for the record.

Oludeniz beach.

The minibus arrived and we are only about 5 passengers including me on the way to Faralya.  The trip started smoothly, with the nice glow of the sunset on the horizon and the cold breeze caressing my face, until we reached the top and the road started to zigzag.  That’s when my gut wrenched, this was one hell of a ride!

The bus picked on some speed and run like crazy, the road is winding and the driver was swerving at each turn, and looking at the side of the bus, we’re only about a foot away from the edge of the gully with the ocean down below.

I almost gagged thinking that if he accidentally made a wrong swerve, we might end up plunging on the valley and on to the deep blue sea.  Goodbye me!  My thought was – we’re only 5 people on board and we might die without any publicity! It could well pick up attention if it is full, isn’t it?

I was already jittery and I was ruminating about some media hype, really?  Well, if I’m gonna die from a bus accident, isn’t it a good idea if my relatives will see me on TV or read my name on a newspaper, at least?  Something for keeps, a memento, you know.

Balcony in front of my room.

I felt relieved when we finally crossed the last ditch and onto the small village of Faralya.  I got off along the road and walked down the path to George House Faralya which will be my home for the next couple of days or so.

Spectacular location!

The sun is almost setting down but enough for me to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.  My room is one of the cabins along the ridge.  It has a long common balcony so I get to have the view of the valley and the houses on the village up on the mountain.  Citrus bushes are growing around the cabins, pomegranates, and some fruit bearing trees.  It was beautiful.

You can set up your tents at one of the tree houses.

Vista of the Butterfly Valley at George House Faralya.

A walk up at the end of the row of log cabin revealed a breath-taking view of the whole valley and the ocean. My gut is literally wrenching out of excitement.

Will it be the first time I’m going to use this word?  Well, it was an awesome place!  Short of spectacular.  Not the bucketful-of-KFC-chicken-spectacular, but grand spectacular!

Ok, I’m using and abusing a lot of superfluous adjectives here to describe the location, but believe you me (is that even right?), I could stay here for a week and not get bored with the place.  Just a couple of books to read, a hammock and I’m off to a grand vacation.

Sunset at the ridge.

 Unfortunately, the place will be shutting down for the winter so that ain’t possible.

I took a somewhat cold shower to wash away the last grip of anxiety that lingered on me during that bus trip on the way here, and call it a day.  Before retiring for bed, we – along with some guests of the house – had a sumptuous dinner at the open dining area surrounded by trees and crawling plants.  What a lovely way to end a day.

I’ve got to sleep, get recharged and prepare for a hike, I’m sure there will be more surprises tomorrow.


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