Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The shared van (dolmush) that I took from the town of Midyat stopped right at the center of the town, right before crossing the bridge.  

As far as I know, there are only two accommodation options in town, perhaps because most visitors are usually just passing by Hasankeyf on the way to another destination.  Or maybe because the townspeople are  aware that when the Ilisu Dam opens, most of the area around the river and those historical sights in and around, will be submerged under water.  With that in mind, no one ventures on building additional accommodations in town. 

Anyways, the van stopped exactly at the first visible lodging – the Hasankeyf Motel – which stand at the foot of the bridge, overlooking the Tigris river down below.  Although it look like the back side of the building is left unfinished and clinging for dear life on the steel bridge.  And since it’s “almost” attached to the bridge, you’ll be feeling the trembles whenever a big truck crosses the bridge.  Yet again, it’s location is perfect, right along the main road beside the bazaar and restaurants in town, and the dolmush that goes out of town waits in front of this motel.

From Hasankeyf Motel, I strode about 2 minutes to my accommodation, the Hasankeyf Hasbahce.  This place is like a compound with gardens, live trouts swimming on the fish ponds, and a couple of fountain that feeds water to the pond.  It was winter so the trees are bare which turns to green and lovely during summertime.

The owner, Mr. Firat - albeit lacking much English - tried hard to communicate.  The rooms at Hasbahce are lines of individual housing that took my memory back to my elementary school.  It’s painted in green and the interior walls are painted with lavender.  It isn’t a hotel so don’t expect luxury but there’s a home feel to it.  Large bed with colourful flowery sheets, a 3-seater sofa, a small TV with English channels, clean toilet with hot showers, toilet tissues and scented wet tissues, room slippers and a big center carpet.  The airconditioning works very well with warm and cold temperature. The only thing missing is a cabinet for your clothes but it’s not a big deal.  Surprisingly, the wifi works excellent inside the rooms which are some meters away from the main reception ground.

The place is really nice and relaxing, setting is very pastoral.  They will catch live  flapping trout from the pond and grill it for you.  It comes with a tasty salad, bread, a delicious fresh pomegranate juice, and a bottle of water.  You’ll be taking your meals amidst very local scene – chickens, geese, a big turkey wandering around and the soothing sounds of the fountains.  The restaurant in the middle of the town are more tourist-oriented, so it’s expensive, I wouldn’t trade that for the big delicious fish meals at Hasbahce for only TL15. 

If you’re coming with an RV or van, you can camp inside the compound.  The family that owned the place lives there, an experience, like living with a beautiful local family in a historical town.  The river is few minutes walk away and so are all the sights of Hasankeyf.

If you’re planning to stay overnight or couple of days in Hasankeyf which I suggest you do to be able to explore the several amazing sights and enjoy the calmness of the place, rest assured that you have sleeping options in town.


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