Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The new part of Midyat or locally called Yeni Midyat or Estel is modern in many aspects.  I jumped one of the minibuses from old Midyat to Estel which stops just around the clocktower.

Modern buildings in Estel.

The structures in the central part are modern edifices, hotels, restaurants and shops.  That is the reason why most travelers prefer to stay at the old town to be near the sights.

Most passing travelers do not give the new town any attention, they thought all the interesting sights can be found in EskiMidyat.  Partly true, but close inspection of the new town, one will find interesting attractions and old mansions in the outlying villages. 

An old man with two sheeps for selling at the market.

School children in the village.

Stairs going down the market area.

Tunnel in Estel near the Ulu Camii.

Observe the local culture. The market area is busy with a lot of shops, people buying and traders selling all kinds of stuff like vegetables, fruits, colorful spices, jewelries, clothing, cellphones, appliances and all sort of things.  

Catch some charming local scene here, horses, villagers selling sheeps and cows, scenes that are just colorful.  Plus one must not miss visiting Midyat Belediyesi Kultur Evi.

Cows, scenes on the balcony of Midyat Beledeyesi Kultur Evi in Yeni Midyat.
Colorful spices at Estel market.

The newly restored Estel Hani Halk Evi (public han or kervansaray) is located at the market area along the main street, where you could just sit at one of the low stools and sip hot beverage, or check out the telkari (metal work shop), carpets, antiques and souvenir stuff at the shops surrounding the  courtyard.
Estel Halk Evi (public place for locals to hangout).


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