Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The sun was at its peak but the weather is good that noon time I reached the end of one of the streets of Eski Midyat.  

I was following a small boy who was smiling at me who I presume (believe it or not) was pointing me to the direction towards what I was looking for – The Mor Abraham and Mor Hobel Monastery.  

The only information I know is it’s located at the edge of the old Midyat.  Surprisingly enough, I was really treading the right direction.
The cheery boy who pointed me to the direction of the monastery.
Hotel Turabdin on the left and the monastery further up the road to the right.

This monastery is located at the back of Eski Midyat about a kilometer walk from the center of the town.  The small boy could have guessed that I was looking for it.  The road almost in front of the Kasr-i-Nehroz Hotel is the starting point of the pathway.  The Turabdin Hotel is on the left side further down the road before the monastery.

The 1,700 year-old church was established by two monks from Mar Gabriel on 5th  century.
Facade of the church.

Epitaphs at the entrance of the church.

The monastery can be visited at certain hours of the day as they close the main gate after visiting hours.  I was there during late noontime, a bus-full of visitors arrived but after everyone else left the premises and walked out of the main iron gate, the young guy in charge closes it.  During that time, visitors were only allowed to enter the church and around the courtyard but going up the monastery buildings are off-limit.

There are several epitaphs  right before the entrance of the church and probably a peristyle tomb at one corner of the courtyard.
Brief orientation inside the church.

The Monastery of Mor Abraham and Mor Hobel has very high walls, according to reports, it has been the subject of grave-robbing and vandalism.

I walked my way back to the old town after barely an hour to look for a café or restaurant.

Address:  Manastir Cad., Eski Midyat 


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