Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Roaming around the districts encircling the castle of Gaziantep is truly fascinating, there are a lot of things to see from bazaars to mosques, quaint cafes, cultures and traditions.  Located at one side of the castle is an interesting small building with what seemed to look like several upside down glasses glistening from the rays of the sun planted on top of its dome similar to those they used on beautiful hanging lamps I saw in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.  It is a traditional Turkish bath.

According to records, this turkish bath is built before the year 1640, as mentioned in Evliya Celebi’s  travel book.  It is considered to be the “apple of the eyes” of the city in respect to its great location and architecture and considered to be one of the unique works of art in Gaziantep.  There are what seemed to be several uniquely interesting upside-down clear glasses adorning its domes.
Naib Bath was built in an area of 742 square meters. This place preserves the culture of the traditional hammam sauna, massage, skin care. 

This important historical tradition of Ottoman bath building, was part of the cultural heritage development programme conducted by the Municipality of Gaziantep in cooperation with the EU's GAP Cultural Heritage Grant Program, and opened in September 2007.
It’s located at one side down the castle. 

Address:  Seferpa┼ča Mh., Naip Hamami Sok., Gaziantep


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