Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Mor Barsawmo Syriac Orthodox Church was the first sight I encountered and visited during my first morning in Midyat.  It is located near the market area at the center of the old town of Midyat.
The courtyard of Mor Barsawmo church.
Children playing at the courtyard of the church.
The 1,500 year-old church was destroyed in 1793 and was rebuilt in 1910.  Compared to other churches in the area which are abandoned, this one is still in operation, full of kids playing on its courtyard.  Every afternoon  classes for local Assyrian children is being thought here to learn the Syriac language (closely related to the Aramaic language spoken by Jesus Christ).

The entryway of the church.

The church which was made primarily of cut stones was reconstructed in 1943.  Visitors are welcome to enter without anyone minding you walk around the premise.  An old man opened the church for visitors to see the interior of the church.  I and 2 more tourists were there during my visit.

Entry is free.

Address:  ┼×en Cad. 21, Southern end of the old city, Eski Midyat


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