Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Geluske Hani, as the name suggests, used to be a han (caravanserai) with inns for travelers during the old times.  Caravanserais or Kervanserays are inns for travelers to rest after their long journey during the time of the Silk Road commerce and are usually located along trade routes.  Turkey being on the junction between East and West has a lot of these caravanserais, and this is one of those.
The alley leading to Geluske Hani.

This beautifully restored han is now a restaurant and café serving delicious and affordable local cuisine.

After my tiring quest searching for the old five churches of Midyat, I ended up here taking my lunch.  
There are several wooden tables draped with carpets and chairs laid out at the big square central courtyard.  I ordered a plate of Iskenderun kebab with chopped tomatoes and green salads, with the drinks it cost me less than TL20.   
My Iskender kebab meal.

As per the original design of a kervansaray, there are rooms lining the portico on the ground and the upper floor where diners can rest for awhile, take a sit around the low table while sipping their hot tea after meals.  Like the rest of the old houses around town, the building is made up of honey-gold colored stone masonry.  
Chambers lining the portico.

Diners around the fountain at the courtyard.

And to add to its authenticity, there was a falcon roaming around the courtyard the time I was there.  I was not sure though if the beast is owned by the Han or just flying low.

It still retains its old charm, the Han is one of the few good dining options in the old part of Midyat and serves stuffed lamb as specialty.

Address: Eski Midyat Kuyumcular Çarsisi, Midyat.  Tel. 482/464-1442


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