Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

With so many interesting sights around the old city of Mardin, perhaps more than a dozen of mosques and churches, madrasas, etc, but I have a very limited time – a full day - to spend.  I have to move fast so I never get to enter a lot of them, most just passing by, except for the significant ones.

Meryem Ana Kilisesi

On the right side of the Mardin Museum there is a stairs with a dilapidated building and on the left is a gate (closed) with a sign that says "Meryem Ana Kilisesi or the Church of the Virgin Mary built in 1895.  It is a Syrian Catholic Church built by Antun Semhari.

Saint Hirmiz Chaldean Church

This is a 1,600 year-old Saint Hirmiz Chaldean church is located along the main Cumhuriyet Cadessi.  The sign indicates AD397, probably the construction date of the church.

Kasim Tugmaner Mosque

This mosque along the main thoroughfare of Cumhuriyet Cad. is built on the foundation of an old church.  Built in 1960, the arched entrance is intricately decorated with flowers in vines and geometric designs and a two stars on both sides.  Some Arabic inscriptions too around the name of the mosque.  One minaret is attached on one side of the mosque.

Şehidiye Medresse and Mosque

The mosque and madrasa (Islamic school) was built by Sultan Melik Nasruddin Artuk Aslan in 1214
The madrasa has a courtyard surrounded by porticos, several iwans, and a mosque.  The ribbed and intricately carved minaret with two balconies was added later between 1916-1917 hence it contrasted in style to the rest of the structure.  There is a big elevated terrace on the right side serving as an open air café.  Sultan Atuk Aslan was buried in this madrasa.

Melik Mahmut Mosque

Melik Mahmut Mosque, also called Bab’es Sur was built during the 14th century. It is known for its large gate which features elaborate stonework.

According to an inscription, it was built in the third quarter of the 14th century. The main portal facing the main square and road is an elaborately decorated stonework. The mosque has a central dome and is flanked by two barrel-vaulted sections.  The empty square mausoleum of Melik Mahmut is located in the courtyard.


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