Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I started buying stuff to decorate my little “home”, I find it a bit bare.  I asked my nephew who drives a motorbike to drop me off at the Tiangge (bazaar or flea market).   It’s a covered bazaar selling souvenir stuff from cotton shirts to local handricrafts to nibbles. 

There’s an air-conditioned mall-type souvenir shops few meters from this one but taking a hint – it’s airconditioned – comfort shopping means expensive stuff.  So I went to the non-airconditioned place.  And guess what?  My 25 dollars went a long way.  I was able to buy a curtain made of small sea shells, two mini boat paddle d├ęcor and a shade for my lamp made of capiz shell.  If I went to the aircon tiangge, I might have spent my 25USD on a single item.

Whenever I travel I always look for local bazaar, flea markets and bargain shops – not the touristic ones – places where local people shop, they’re normally cheaper and you could always haggle for great discounts with shop owners.

The Tiangge where I went is called LRC 908 Market Mall which opened just last year located along the National Highway, San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City.

They sell lots of woodwork handicrafts, wood masks in various designs, capiz shell curtains and lamp shades, seashell ceiling lamps, wooden frames, shirts, bags, shoes, hats, and other stuff made of local materials.

Yes, you’ll sweat browsing through shops but it’s fun and you’ll get stuff at bargain price.  Now, I have my favorite shop there as the owner gives good discount in comparison with other shops at the Tiangge.  Contact me if you want to know the shop so I could hook you up with her, that’s not an advertisement, mind you, I don’t know her, just that I want to share the bargain I’ve found.


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