Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Do you want to experience Baguio in Davao City?  There’s a place almost exactly like the pine city that is only 2 hours from the city proper and very much accessible by public transport.
My cousin who took us there happens to have a rustic vacation house near Seagull Mountain Resort, so we need not stay at the resort itself but very much accessible less than a kilometer away down the main highway.  In the morning, we drove to the resort, there are in fact a lot of mountain resort in the area but some are hidden amidst the hills and valleys and can only be reached by private transport.

Seagull Mountain Resort though is just along the main Bukidnon-Davao Highway, making it very convenient for day trippers to come and visit.  It’s beautiful and quite relaxing.
We availed the resort’s day tour to be able to gain access to the pool, the waterfalls and the scenic mountain setting.  The tour is through an open side multicab much like the one we had in Eden Nature Park.  It drove us around the resort with a stop at the pool area to have a swim on the cold water, it was a nice setting as the waterfalls is just beside the pool area, may have been the source of the pool water which is very cold, I felt like my head froze.  The shower cubicles are clean and they have smaller pools for children.

After swimming, the multicab brought us back up to the main grounds where we started our hiking around the resort.  It’s a huge place with several accommodation categories to choose from.  It’s like a mountain community with several cottages that looks like small bungalows.  If you want to rough it a little, settle for the triangular A-shape tent-type accommodations that dots the valley below amidst the green trees and wilderness.  There is a nice restaurant on site, a chapel, a golf course, and if you walk up the hill, at the end of it you’ll find a convention hall and a footpath on the left will lead you to the big cross with a panorama view deck of the stunning mountain range.  

In fact, the resort is surrounded by mountains and some small villages from a distance.
It’s a quiet place where you could truly relax, either sit at comfortable benches scattered around the resort or slump (lie down would be more relaxing) at the grassy clearing, all affords the view of the mountains and valleys. 

Mountain air is soothingly clean, weather is cold, the smell of pine trees is calming, it’s a perfect getaway from the city life.
Seagull Mountain Resort is about 4,000 feet above sea level, so expect knots of fogs creeping around the pine-tree-clad hills and along the cemented pathways in the early hours of the morning or just before dusk.

Entry Fee (Day Tour) = P150

Getting to Seagull Mountain Resort is easy if you don’t have your own vehicle.  Just go to Ecoland bus terminal.  There are city buses there (red ones) that ply the Bukidnon- Davao highway, the ones going to Cagayan De Oro passes by the resort almost exactly at the entrance of the resort.  Tell the driver or the bus conductor to drop you off the resort.  Fare is about P100 and you’ll reach the place in a little over 2 hours.  Getting back to Davao City proper, just wait for the same bus in front of the resort entrance.

Address: BUDA Road, Barangay Lorega, Marilog District, Davao City, Philippines
Landline No.: +(6382) 286-4124 / 298-5990
Google Map Direction: Seagull Mountain Resort


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