Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Probably the most stunning beaches yet most boring tour among the 3 tours I did, when people say this could be the highlight of our tours in Coron, it’s the most anticipated, and tour operators are highly recommending it.

They said, the sands in Malcapuya Beach is in competition with Boracay, in fact they call it little Boracay.  Most of the island hopping boat tours I made so far excited me, the people are thrilled and eager, but in this one, it’s just dry.  For me it just didn’t quite beat the mark.  The sceneries are great, the beaches are fabulous, the sights are amazing, perhaps the people in the tour are just so tired and … boring?  Not that we’re few, in fact, we’re 15 and mostly young people, I don’t know what happened.  One group didn’t even swim on the second and third destination.

Anyhoo, Tour C is a lot more expensive than the previous boat tours, cost PHP1,200.  Advertised at PHP950, that is for the Malcapuya Beach alone but they normally add Banana Island and Bulog Island.  It’s far compared to other boat tours, took us an hour or so to reach Malcapuya Beach and when we reach the place, it rained!  The sands are good, powdery, white, yes, and secluded.  Thre’s an accommodation on the island, probably for people who want to stay overnight, a basketball court, many white cabanas set up along the beach line that serves as a shelter, a white wedding would be awesome here.  There’s also a coconut bar a little near the bathrooms.

The second beach is the Banana Island which I like better than the first one (are you kidding me?), it’s a beautiful island named for its shape,  not because there are bananas around, there’s none.  The water is crystal clear, I could see my feet under the water even on chest-deep.  Lots of fishes swarming around you, they’ll tickle you, especially if you feed them some bread.  There’s a tall hut, serves like a view deck of sort.  Grass lawn, trees, bathroom.  Someone must be maintaining the well-manicured island.  It’s gorgeous.

We had our picnic lunch here, too many food.  Our tour guide is actually timid compared to our funny guide (his name is RJ) the previous tours.  Look for him if you want an enjoyable tour, he’s fun, he’s informative and he cares for his passengers.  He even teaches foreign tourists in our boat who doesn’t know how to snorkel or how to use the gadget.  

On the contrary , our guide on this tour is not even talking, no info whatsoever on the destinations, no introduction.  Now I remember, maybe that contributed to the dullness of the tour.

The third stop and the last one is Bulog Island.  It’s also beautiful, a small strip of rocky island with a really small rock mountain with steps going up to get a view of the expensive (Mountain View room – cheapest – at PHP25 – 30 grand, depends on the season!),  probably most exclusive, and stunning resort in Coron.  We just stayed here for a little over half an hour I guess, seems like our boat staff are in a hurry.  And so the sleepy sail started, back to Coron, in big waves.

Summing it up, I think we’ve just spent about 3 hours total in 3 islands, 3 hours for the sail time.  I like the beautiful islands but the tour itself lacks the energy.  Still it’s worth the trip for people who came all the way from distant places to Coron, unless you only have time for 2 island hopping tours, then (IMHO), take Tours A and B, more islands, lagoons, lakes, better itinerary if you may ask me.  

Group Tour – Island Hopping Tour C
How to get there:
Book your Island Hopping Tour (C) at any tour operators in Coron town or better yet, at your accommodation in Coron, they offer standard rates.
Address: Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Google Map Location: Coron, Palawan



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