Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I woke up to the sound of the waves and (noise of) the group staying at the rooms adjacent to mine, hah, family with kids!  That’s fine.  The weather is lovely today, the sun shone, no more typhoon I guess.  Kids playing on the beach, dragonflies flying on the porch, people jumping on board the boats for island hopping, soft breeze, and no electricity as usual.  EN has no electricity all over town from 6:00am til 2:00pm.  I think I’ve mentioned that previously.

I’ve got nothing to do today, am not planning to join an island hopping boat tour.  Instead, I decided to take a long walk, it's sunny and hot.

On the way to the main highway, I spotted a fruit shake stand and I ordered a melon in crushed ice, I saw the guy at the stand trying to start the generator, suddenly I realized it’s mid day and that there’s no electricity all over town.  So just to make a glass of fruit shake, they have to run the generator for the blender to work.  I got my very cold brain freezing fruit shake, great for a hot sunny day.

I continued walking passing by the main bus terminal, so it's not that far after all, the 50 pesos tricycle ride can be done by walking, unless you have loads of luggages.  Onto Barangay Corong Corong, the other side of the Bacuit Bay famous for its sunset, that's where I'm heading.  There are people choosing to stay at this part of the town but I don’t personally prefer staying here, for one, the beach is shallow, it’s not that clean and it’s a bit rocky.

The place is populated by locals, if the main town is quiet, Corong Corong is quieter, far from everything – restaurants, bars (if you’re into it), ministores and everything else.  Besides, if you’ll be joining an island hopping tour, you still have to come to Bacuit Bay which is in the town proper.  The walk to the beach side of Corong -Corong is through lines of tall coconut trees, a bit raw still, and lots of local houses.  It's not a busy area at all, few restaurants and couple of ministores.

Coming back to the town, I hopped in to a tricycle passing along the highway.

Tricycle ride from Corong Corong
P 10.00
How to get there:
Take a tricycle or  a long distance walk, just put on some sunscreen.

Google Map Direction : Corong Corong Bay


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