Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

 Open Letter to Transient House Seekers:

“Looking for transient house, yung malapit lang po sana sa Burnham Park or walking distance” 
First of all, Baguio City is not Burnham Park, but Burnham Park is IN Baguio City.

Some seekers prefer a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, after all they’ve come all the way from a very chaotic city so why stay within the busy periphery of another city?

But hey, let me explain comprehensively why staying anywhere between the stretch of  Naguilian Road up to Mines View Park is never a complexity especially for tourists coming to Baguio City on their own car. 

But even for commuters, this city has one of the best if not the best taxis in terms of drivers’ attitude and taxi fare in the entire country, challenge me if I’m wrong.  I live in Davao City right now, taxi drivers in Davao are equally polite but the per kilometer rate in Baguio is lower.

Taxis in Baguio has maybe the lowest rates, the most honest, discreet, and non-complaining taxi drivers who will return your 1-peso change instead of asking additional 50 pesos like they normally (not usual, it’s normal!) and are accustomed to do in Metro Manila. 

Believe me when I say that 60% of my taxi rides in Manila whenever I’m there demand 50 pesos add-on just because of the traffic that literally gave me the impression that it was my fault and I have to suffer the financial consequence in the form of add-on fare.  Like I have something to do with the perpetual traffic problem in Metro Manila?

Going back to choosing your place to stay.  Baguio City is a small place that even the neighboring town of La Trinidad where the Strawberry Farm is located (not in Baguio City like most people assume) is only less than half an hour away.

Unless your real purpose in coming to Baguio is to visit Burnham Park (solely or exclusively), it doesn’t matter if you find a place in Loakan Airport near PMA, up Ambiong, Magsaysay, around Pacdal Circle near Wright Park, at Gibraltar near Mines View Park, Quezon Hill or around Lourdes Grotto, or around Burnham Park itself where hotels or transient houses are either slightly (or exorbitantly costly).   You’re still in Baguio City!

Staying within those stretch means you are only 5 to 15 minutes drive or jeepney or taxi ride away to all the tourist spots that you may want to see, or restaurants that you may possibly wish to satiate your cravings for calories or fats or carbs or sugar or any other form of food trip or gastronomic indulgence. 
The Mansion is near Pacdal / Lower Brookside area.

Wright Park is near Pacdal / Lower Brookside or even Gibraltar area.

Ketchup Food Community is near Pacdal Circle.

Canto at Ketchup Food Community serves the best Lomo Ribs in the city and is near Pacdal Circle.
 Let’s be honest, some of us travel 30 minutes to 1 hour from your house to your place of work in Metro Manila and that did not bother you.  The longest travel time in Baguio City is 15 minutes so why does that even bother you?  Go enjoy the ride, feel the cool breeze inside your car, taxi, or jeepney while passing along greeneries, pine trees, invigorating beautiful landscape.

It’s not as if you’re struggling with air pollution or noise pollution or the balmy weather of Metropolitan Manila here – this is Baguio City, it’s not the same.

So go ahead, cut the crappy “walking distance to Burnham Park” or “near tourist spots” excuse when seeking a place to stay in Baguio.  You’re in Baguio for heaven’s sakes, you’re inside “A” tourist spot already!  Takes only a couple or few minutes, no sweat and you’re there wherever particular or square-meter-precise spot you want to visit, eat or whatever you want to see or do.
Have fun and enjoy!

For more info on places to stay, you may visit:
Baguio City Transient at https://www.facebook.com/BCTBaguio
Baguio Transient Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/baguiotransient/


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