Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The town of Port Barton doesn't have that much options when it comes to dining, it isn't El Nido.

There is the popular Jambalaya Cafe owned by Scottish and his Filipino wife and the restaurant of Summer Homes Resort.  The restaurant where we're staying - Ausan Beach Front Cottages - is still in the planning.

But if you find those places a bit above your budget, and you're - like me - a sucker for cheap eats, then there's this "cariendera" type restaurant called Gacayan Restaurant & KTV Sing Along. Walking along the main road from the gasoline station beside the beach, turn right on the second street.  It's probably the most affordable place to dine, meals fit the backpackers' budget.  At P50 you can have a meal of rice and a viand, just select any on their display -  meat or fish dishes - that goes with your steamed white rice.  Aside from their ready-cooked meals, you can also choose some cook-to-order meals on their list which costs reasonable too.

Well, it does not offer much on the dining experience but if you're just looking for somewhere to eat and on a tight budget, this place is more of a solution rather than experience.  You're in beautiful Port Barton, make up for enjoying the place and the beach.

Another affordable option is Ayette's Bamboo House, not far from the gasoline station and the beach, just along the main road.  More costly than Gacayan but the place has a nice ambiance and offers good dining experience.  Bamboo dining huts, tables and chairs set in a neat garden.  Meals at around P100, sandwiches at P65 and up.