Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

150 days – LaoagBatac – PaoayViganBaguioBanaueSagadaManaoagUrdanetaMapandan – Manila – now, Palawan.
Been a long time since my last post.  I got too busy in Manila.  Flew to Puerto Princesa June 7, 2014, and, am I so glad to be back in my hometown.
Hah! It’s low season, excellent timing, tourism is in boom.  People are starting to flow, taking advantage of the low season advantage – low rates on accommodation, airline fares, even tours – the catch – it’s rainy season, so rain is pouring too every now and then, yet it’s sunny day today.  Great time to head to Port Barton!

Woke up early to catch the one and only bus that leaves from San Jose bus terminal beside the “New Market”.  Unlike EL Nido which offer choices on transport options – airconditioned buses (Chery and RORO), airconditioned vans, running several times a day, Port Barton has only an old non-airconditioned bus (Allyza) running at 9:00am once everyday.  We were seated at the very end back seats where it gets uncomfortable at bumpy roads.  The bus was full when it left at 9:10am, a bit stuffy, sweaty, even the topload is full, of luggages and goods transported from Puerto Princesa City to Port Barton – vegetables, livestock, and other bundled stuff.

If you’re planning a Port Barton trip, better wake up early, head to the bus terminal around 8:00am to get a better seat on the bus or endure a bumpy ride at the back, or even miss a vacant seat.
 The trip from Puerto Princesa City to Port Barton takes 3 to 4 hours depending on the speed of the driver.  First stop is the gasoline station few meters from the terminal and about half way on the trip it stops at a road side restaurant for lunch and bathroom for around half an hour.
The road on the way is cemented, mostly, except for some bumpy sporadic uncemented paths before the destination.  And then it rained!  I kinda having this feeling that the rain is always following me.  It rained in Baguio, in Sagada, in Banaue, in Bontoc, in Pangasinan, all the way to Manila.
My advise – if you want a sunny trip, don’t ever travel with me...I'm a rain-man... HA  HA.

Drizzles greeted us upon arrival in Port Barton, when according to the guy at our accommodation, it was lovely sunny days during the past weeks.

Tomorrow – Island Hopping ala Port Barton.

Getting to Port Barton. Fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa City.  Then, from PP take a tricycle or multicab that goes to New Market / San Jose (bus terminal).  There is only one bus a day that leaves at 9:00am that is called “Allyza” sometimes “San Isidro”.  The terminal is the one of the left side of the new market, the right side terminal are reserved for El Nido buses and vans, and other towns. Travel time is 3 - 4 hours, mostly cemented, rough roads near the end. 
Port Barton to Puerto Princesa. Same bus (San Isidro) leaving 9:00am, and one bus a day also.
Fare  = P200 per way.
Address: Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines
Google Map DirectionPort Barton, Palawan


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