Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I don't know why we craved for Japanese restaurant that day. Maybe because it was the coldest month of the city?

We already got tired of the Korean buffet so we drove off to military cut-off - Sakura Terrace at 168 Military Cut-off Road, Baguio.

Early for lunch time, there were few diners, passing by one group at the Zio's pizza, same entrance with Sakura Terrace, then one group with a whole slab of cake, birthday perhaps, then us at the terrace part of the restaurant, then came a family of Japanese.

We were immediately served with a complimentary slices of cheese mango cake which is very inviting with those slices of mangoes on top. 

Then, another plate of pistachio cake slice. The devil's food. Seriously - to die for!

Dining isn't complete without the soup or shabu shabu if we're dining with my brother Randy.  Full of large shrimps, shiitake mushrooms, green leaves and other stuff.

The pizza at Zio's is good too although...hmmm... the tomato sauce tastes ordinary to me, but the toppings? Excellent! Everything you would want to see on top of a pizza, very generous.

Along came the sushi platter all dressed up in mayonnaise! Looks so yummy and spiderwebby at the same time. Not sure about it but it's my first time to see sushi with mayonnaise although honestly it taste good to me, looks like sushi-on-mayo-revolution.

The big plate of sushi though is a bit disappointment for me. I think it has something to do with the sticky rice, it's bland and not too sticky for my liking. I'm no Japanese so maybe that is how it's really made?

Another plate of fried tuna in sauce which tastes really succulent, I missed taking a photo.

Two glasses of pink and blue-colored drinks and we ended up paying I think around P3,500 for the 3 of us plus my cute nephew.  We were only able to gorge half of the whole feast and took home the better half.

I highly recommend Sakura Terrace, authentic Japanese food with a flare, wait staff were dressed in "yakuta" adding authenticity to the place.


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