Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I saw this news just a week  ago I think, about the opening of a food truck in Baguio. It’s the Calle Uno Food Hub.  Not sure why they called it Calle Uno but there definitely is no street named Calle Uno in Baguio.  Looking at google map it seemed very near our place.  I forgot about it until today when Maria (at the house) invited us for lunch – no food at the house – and she passed by that Calle Uno this morning after her night shift and several diners  - she got tickled in her tummy.  Snoozed for a couple of hours and before noon, we drove to “Calle Uno Food Hub.

The place is new, parking is limited for few vehicles, we parked along the sloping road as advised by the lady attendant. Some guys smoking at the upper level parking area shed as it is not allowed to smoke at the “al fresco” food court covered with a giant white parasol dancing in the afternoon breeze.

There are probably 5 or 6 food stalls, mostly with their own classic Volkswagen beetles where some have installed a grilling station infront of the car.  The atmosphere is hip and people are starting to discover this place as evidenced by several diners at the tables and chairs dotting the center of the courtyard.
"Munchiez" at Calle Uno.

Food at the 6 stalls serve mostly grilled meats and BBQs.  We ordered the Australian porter house steak  at the baby blue and white colored outlet of “Munchiez”.  The steak is tender and juicy and surprisingly cheap at P189 per plate with rice and bits of corn and mix veggies, and a tasty gravy.  Price-value-wise it’s better than the ones at the SM Foodcourt which I think they do recycle for the next day?
Porterhouse Steak at "Munchiez".

The Guyabano juice at BRRRGRRR, not sure if it’s made of real guyabano or powder but it sure is good-tasting at P75/jar.  This is the home of the giant burgers good for 3 – 4 people at P300.  The burger patty tastes home-made (which is good) not the frozen Mcdo or Jollibee-type and the bread is soft, I thought of coming back to this place alone and order that big burger all by myself.

Giant burger at BRRRGRRR!
The corner stall called “Road Grille” – great location beside a tree where they adorned it with several vintage plates also serve #SquadGoal Bundle BBQ at P985 good for 4 – 5 persons.  I don’t know why I don’t like the idea of nailing signages on trees and that maybe was the reason I did not order food there – I’m an environmentally friendly person.
For 3 adults of us and my 5-year old nephew, we ended up paying less than P1000! … and we used to pay between P2000 – 3500 for buffet lunch or dinner! It’s very affordable and the experience of dining al fresco and surrounded by classic beetle cars with it’s front hood as grilling station is unique.
Al Fresco dining at Calle Uno.

Green volkswagen beetle at Calle Uno.
The green tapestried beetle where you maybe hop in also and dine right in the middle of the court is a cute scene. A new volks stall is under construction right at the rear end and maybe opening up this week.

Calle Uno Food Hub is the latest dining experience in the city of pines and the first ever food truck in the country that uses the classic Volkswagen beetles.

Highly recommended for visitors to Baguio City - and locals too - if you haven't been there.
Calle Uno Food Hub
3 Escoda St., Corner Naguilian Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Phone: 0917 501 7787

Opening time:  6AM–5PM


  1. Very enticing this blog is. Will be staying nearby this hub on our vacay to Baguio. So excited to swing by!