Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday, May 04, 2014

17destinati0ns,5st0povers inclusive of entrance and dockingfees! B0ok n0w!
That was the enticing marketing catchphrase I’ve seen at their Facebook wall.
I called the number and made a reservation, it’s cheap.  I received a text message that instruct us to be at the Sta Ana wharf at 7:30am, don’t bring drinks, and look for the Ulysses Boat which turns out to be Genesis!

The tour wasn’t informative at all, no information whatsoever on where we are going, the itinerary, except that we anchored at a small port where our guide joined us and the reservation lady who made a very brief welcome speech but did not come with us on the tour.  It is also from this port that the food and drinks were loaded.We were there at 7:20am, people started to arrive at 8:30am and the outrigger boat left at almost 10:00am.  With couple of neglects, somehow a feeling of uncertainties began to plague me. This isn’t going to be good.

We stayed here for an hour or so before we headed to a real beach for swimming called Talicud Beach or island.  This beach is nice, clear water albeit strong waves.Our first stop was near a rocky beach island lined with coconut trees.  It may be the Angel Cove, not very certain though. Passengers of the boat started to don their scuba diving gears and an orientation followed before those who availed the scuba lessons jumped off the water. The staff offered meals at P100-150 pesos. 

We swam for an hour, some people went to have a small trek at the island, then we headed back to Sta. Ana Wharf.   That’s how boring the island hopping tour was.

We were chatting with a couple on the tour and they too were not pleased.  They were talking about how awesome the El Nido and Coron island hopping were, and this one isn’t even a minute fraction, in comparison.  The boat tour guides in EL Nido and Coron were so entertaining, very caring, funny at times, obliging and informative.  I didn’t hear anyone giving info on this tour, except for the very short talk when we docked to stuff the boat with the provisions.

But at the end of the day, we get what we’ve paid for, or probably less. 

Two destinations, period. Not 17. Not even 5 stopovers. 

If you’ve been to any of the island hopping in Palawan (El Nido, Coron, Port Barton and Honda Bay), DO NOT expect much with the Samal island hopping.  Not close enough, minuscule in comparison. Just enjoy swimming, nothing more, nothing less. 

Address: Sta. Ana Wharf
Mobile No. : +63 918 234 8446 (Stephanie)
Google Map Direction: Sta. Ana Wharf


  1. yes very much agree with you... I got EXTREMELY disappointed.... bored of waiting, tired of swimming due to strong current, and they even ran out of meal, which left me with no choice but to buy the the last serving of tuna fish salad which i couldn't finish.... sighhhhhh no need to ask why :)

  2. But anyways, there are also nice resorts in Samal... I even joined the Rotaracs a year ago with my cousins to plant mangroves in Paradise Island, and it's not bad at all. The problem is with the island hopping travel agency... well, cheap in fairness so what to expect... yeah?

  3. Ye, you hit the nail in the head - pay cheap, get something cheap in return. :D