Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014
The Bell Church is a Taoist Temple located north of Baguio City exactly right before the La Trinidad welcome arch.

It was our last day in Baguio and has seen many parks during the previous days, so I thought it would be a great day to head to a different kind of sightseeing, the Bell Church fits the bill.  I almost missed this and I’d surely regret that because the place is really – orientally - charming.

Since we were staying near Magsaysay Avenue, we went to Baguio Center Mall along Magsaysay Ave., and found our ride just at the end of the street where McDonald’s is.  I asked the driver to drop us off at Church Bell and he did.  Sometimes I’m amazed with public transport drivers carrying a dozen of passengers on their vehicle and still they would remember instructions from several passengers.  Perhaps I’m getting old that my focus starts to dwindle, at least that fact I’m not forgetting.

There’s not much visitors when we got in and it was a relief, it’s a perfect timing to truly appreciate the beauty and solemnity of the place.  Climb up the several steps and at each levels are beautifully designed arches, with bells and dragons on top of it and life-size bronze-coloured statues.The road side entrance is prominently Chinese with twin dragons facing each other perched on top.  Pass by it, walk about a minute to get to the main gate which was open wide.

On the third level, there’s a nice altar with a statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus position on top of a slab.  You can go up the stairs all the way one level before the pagoda where it’s no longer allowed for visitors to trespass.

The whole place has a well-manicured garden, evidently well taken cared, planted with nice colorful flowering plants, lotus on ponds, everything is accentuated in harmony with the color of the structures.

The main temple is very simple inside, on the far end opposite the gate is the main altar with five glass-encased statues (Taoist deities, perhaps).  Visitors are allowed to take photographs within the temple compound except the inside of the main temple, and it is clearly posted on a sign at the temple gate.

During Chinese New Year, this is a busy place with foreign Chinese coming to the Bell Church to beseech good fortune and health.

Entry is free.

Jeepney Fare              
P 10.00
How to get there:
Take a jeepney that goes to La Trinidad at the La Trinidad Jeepney Terminal beside the Baguio Center Mall along Magsaysay Avenue.  All jeepneys that goes from Baguio centrum to La Trinidad pass by Church Bell.  Just tell the driver to drop you off to the sight.  Travel time is approx.. 10 – 15 minutes.
Address: Bell Church Rd, Baguio, Philippines
Google Map Direction (Jeepney terminal to sight): Bell Church, Baguio.

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