Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Kimchi has a different story.  The small place evokes a bohemic atmosphere with its eccentric motif, recycled materials adorned its walls and ceilings in nifty kaleidoscope of colours.

Bottlecaps art on walls.

I like the way they made use of perhaps thousands of tin bottle caps on the walls and posts (see pics).  There’s a picture of the Jamaican reggae icon – Bob Marley, alongside with Saddam Hussein, clever.
Talking about food, Kimchi is a league of its own in Sagada.  They specializes in Korean cuisine although they do have few of the local favorites.  The glass noodles is served in big quantity enough for 2 persons and it tastes really good.

Meat dishes are served in pots, same goes with rice toppings like their Kimchi Bookeumbap (kimchi fried rice with pork), yumminess! 

Most of their dishes smelt of sesame oil, the usual oriental flavor that makes it truly appetizing.
Coffee is the usual Sagada brewed Arabica.
You can either dine in the eccentric and colorful restaurant or the bigger but simpler place at the back side.

Located along the same road as Saggas, Yoghurt House, Pinikpikan Haus, Ysagada.

Kimchi Bar & Cafe
Ave. Price: P150 - 300
Dao-angan, Sagada, Mountain Province.


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