Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

After the cold swim at Bokong Falls and a nice lunch at Kimchi, we rested for an hour at our lodging before we proceeded to our final destination of the tour – the Lake Danum.

The lake isn’t far from the town center, we made a stop there for 10 minutes or so.  Lake Danum is a venue for camping events. All the while I thought we will be having our bonfire at the lake.  But according to our guide, it’s no longer allowed to hold a bonfire there which I totally understand, to preserve the place.

It’s just a small lake, an accumulation of rain pour or perhaps a dawdling flow coming from a natural spring, nothing really special except for green grassy lawn where people could sit or boat paddling on the lake.

But if people keeps on burning woods there, picnicking and started to leave their rubbish which is the usual attitude of most nature-insensitive tourists, the place would be wasted in no time at all.
We instead moved to the lawn of a house under construction.  We were supposed to watch the sunset, but unfortunately the sky is  grey.

Darkness came and we held our bonfire in the open field just in front of the house.  The guides cooked pinikpikan (stewed chicken and pork), a speacialty dish in Sagada, with grilled aubergine and some stewed green leaves that I’ve never seen and tasted before.

The food tastes good, the night cold, the fire kept us warm, the loads of stories, puns and wisecracks from the friendly guides made it a night of fun.
On the whole, everyone’s happy, tired but contented. 
Time to call it a day…or night?

Up next -  still in Sagada.


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