Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

“Pinikpikan is a very flavorful chicken dish from the mountains of the Cordilleras.  Derived its flavor from the coagulated blood, burned feathers, and Etag, a cured and aged meat. Have a taste of this delightful dish the Sagadan way.” As defined by the only restaurant in town that offer this delightful dish as their specialty - called Pinikpikan Haus.

Owned by the same spunky and friendly lady that owns the Alibama Inn above it, Pinikpikan Haus is a simple but straight-forward restaurant serving the delicious fusion of chicken and pork.
People come to Pinikpikan Haus for their tasty pinikpikan dish.
They do have other delectable dishes such as the sizzling sisig – bits of pork meat with egg on top and served hissing hot in a wooden dish.  The pork adobo is tasty as well.  For vegetarians, they serve two variations of mixed veggies, one with curry, the other plainly sautéed. 

They also do breakfasts with about 5 choices of Filipino favorites.
Most (if not all) tourists who come to Sagada come to savour the pinikpikan, at least once (or twice?) during their time in this friendly town.

Call to reserve or just come to the place.

Ave. Price: P100 - 150
Dao-angan, Sagada, Mountain Province.
Mob.: +63 920 8135797.


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