Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Echo Valley hike we did yesterday was a prelude of today’s hike.  In comparison, yesterday’s was in no match with what’s going to transpire today.  That, I’m certain of.
We booked our tour from the Tourist Information Center yesterday evening before we get back to our lodgings and have a really good night snooze.  We all (6 persons) shared the total cost of the tour inclusive of the transportation, guide fee, and our bonfire dinner later in the evening.  It saves a lot joining a group, otherwise I’ll be bearing the cost all by myself hadn’t I met those guys yesterday.
This is a full-day tour that I’m going to put in installment to give more details on each itinerary.
I woke up the following morning at a little before 4:30am, we arranged to meet with our driver at the town center (near the municipal building) at 5:00am.  I arrived early than everyone else, can’t blame me, I got used to that “sharp” appointments. Remember, when someone set a group appointment and someone else is late, and we usually term that as “Philippine Time”?  I don’t know what mine is then.
So, I was there sitting in the coldness of the dawn, on the bend of the main and only commercial building in the center of town just beside the municipal building (which is in pitch dark), waiting for people to come.  Sent a text message to Christian who arrived few minutes along with the whole group, but our driver was nowhere in sight.  He arrived eventually after few more minutes.  And off we go to our first itinerary.

It’s still dark and we’re heading to Kiltepan Peak to watch the sunrise.  It’s good we arrived early, we saw people who arrived late - when the sun was already up.
The blanket of clouds cover the whole area from the horizon up to some meters where we were standing, very slowly receding, revealing tip of the mountains, the valleys and town below as the day progresses.
It’s almost the same sight when you stare at the bay of an airplane, except that, you’re getting the best seat here, full view.
We waited there for more than half an hour with the horizon slowly breaking into hazy shades of amber nd yellow, increasing its vibrance every minute, getting brighter, brighter, then came the sun cautiously creeping with its resplendent rays illuminating the clouds, touching our skin, forming orbs between its increasing brightness.  Quarter now in size, it’s getting brighter every second, half… fast now…. and …. it's full.

At exactly 6:03AM, it’s full in its gloriousness, its bottom is no longer touching the sea of clouds, its perfect, round bright splendor, took a deep breath and sighed, what a glorious morning!

And what better way to celebrate such a stunning morning than a nice, hearty breakfast.  From Kiltepan Peak, we drove to Rock Inn & Café which isn’t far.  Nice place, nestled among green trees and flowering plants within an orange orchard.

Up next, second installment to this tour  -  Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave.


  1. Hello!!! I'm planning to go Sagada this coming March and I'm wondering what were the tours you did there. What were the inclusions of the tour you availed? Thank you.. And any tips since I'm just going with my bf..

  2. Hi Janang - If ur physically fit and you have a limited time in Sagada, do the highlights ine one full day starting with Kiltepan sunrise, spelunking at Sumaguing Cave, see the wooden coffins at Lumiang Cave, swim at the Bokong (small) Falls, Bonfire at Lake Danum. But if you want real adventure, do the cave connection, it's tougher and longer than the spelunking at Sumaguing Cave. For me, the latter is already enough and tough. Join a group to save, ul be sharing the cost of the transportation and guide fee, ask from your accommodations or at the Tourist Info at the municipal building, they can hook u up with another couple or a small group. On your first day, you can DIY the Echo Valley down to the hanging coffins. I hope I'm not late with my response.