Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

The La Bodega restaurant in Rock Inn & Café is a little out-of-the way of the town center but never out of reach.  It’s located along the highway and most people who come to see the Kiltepan sunrise drops by this café for breakfast.

Tocino breakfast meal.

Beef tapa breakfast meal.

Indeed, we were there after having a glorious morning watching the stunning sunrise over blankets of clouds at Kiltepan Peak. The café serves Filipino breakfasts like Tocilog (sweet cured meat), Longsilog (local version og the german sausage), Dasilog (fried milk fish), all dishes comes with sunny-side up fried egg and fried rice. 

Early breakfast at Rock Inn & Cafe.

The place is really delightful with carefully manicured lawn, a bonfire place, a nice orange orchard, it’s like living in a farm.  Though I can’t say I’m exceptionally delighted with the breakfast, nothing extra special, just nicely prepared food in a white porcelain plate.  It isn’t bad either, it’s just the same normal Filipino breakfast analogous with all restaurants in town.  The brewed Arabica coffee was not  steaming, it’s just tepid.  But my initial displeasure was trounced by the second serving (after of course informing the wait staff about the not-so-hot coffee) which is now steaming, and free.
If you’re tired of indoor dining and fancy a nice countryside ambiance, you might like the Rock Inn & Café.

Price: P170 - 200
Orange Drive,The Rock Farm, Batalao, Sagada
Mob.: +63 928 213 1149


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