Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
If you think that Session Road is yuppies' place, only speckled with pricey Starbucks, McDonald's, pizza parlors, expensive theme diners, bars, and pretentious café? Then, you really aren’t familiar with this most popular road in Baguio City.

You probably know by now that I’m a sucker for cheap eats.  I probably have splurged on early travels, those times when I was just a mere tourist, eager to wander around in cities like HK and Singapore.  Those days are gone.  I’ve realized I’d be enjoying just the same whether on budget or spree.  

A travel is a travel.

Along Session Road, inside that green building with a balcony on the first floor (above ground floor) is a food court, an arcade of about 4 or 5 kiosks selling budget home-cooked value meals.  The place is frequented by employees and students at nearby department stores and universities.

The drill – order a set of 2 viands, meat or fish and a vegetable dish plus rice – at any of those food stalls.  Take your food plate and sit at any of the vacant tables at the balcony facing Session Road – a budget meal with a view.  A set meal costs only P50!  It’s cheap, it’s tasty and goes with a small bowl of soup.

The food court is located couple of meters from 711, BDO and KFC in Session Road.  Pass through the security personnel at the entrance, you’ll see a second-hand book store on your left and facing it is a classy old-spanish-mansion-type wooden stairs, descend on the first floor and you’ll find the food court on your left side, on your right is the 108 Session Road.

What to order: budget set meal.

Insider Tip:   Dine on the balcony and watch the activities down Session Road below.

Serves:  Lunch and Dinner, close during holidays.

Price: P50.
Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines
Google Map Location: Session Road Food Court


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