Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
A small quaint mountain town like Sagada has its devilish sweet corner in case your sweet tooth is aching for those lip-smacking desserts.  A small road-side café called Sagada Brew is the answer.
Sagada Brew specializes in the aromatic Arabica coffee grown in the region.  It may not be your typical yuppies (and some charlatans as well) hangout place, but hey, it’s Sagada’s version of Starbucks.  I love coffee and been a coffee drinker since I was a toddler (overkill?), and I know how a good coffee smells and tastes like.

I’m no big fan of big café like Starbucks or Gloria, I won’t deny it, I frequent those places too whenever I’m in the big city and no choice, it’s just that, they put too much deceptive ingredients, too much cream and all those fattening items into it that it no longer tastes like real coffee.  
I want my coffee raw, real brewed coffee.  In my opinion, McDonald’s has a better brew than Starbucks at a fraction of the cost of the latter.

Sagada Brew is just that, real coffee in a real charming town.  You won’t order just the coffee though because – as diabetic as I am – I was hypnotized by those brown-colored simply made-up yet scrumptious-looking cakes and pastries displayed on the glass counter.  
The rocky road brownies taste heavenly, and the butterscotch squares are divine.  As much as I’d like to indulge on the icing cakes, it would be sacrilegious to my health condition.
The café also serve lunch and dinner treats albeit slightly pricey for my street-food budget.  The place is cozy and in contrast with the small-ish outside view, it’s spacious inside, tastefully decorated, smart with an upmarket feel to it – in Sagada standard at least.  That’s the reason why I said this joint is Sagada’s rendering of Starbucks, if not better with a native flair and country atmosphere.

Located along the main road of Sagada, few strides down Lemon Pie House and sharing the same street in Dao-angan as with Yoghurt House, Pinikpikan Haus, and all those popular accommodations and restaurants in town, about 10 minutes walk down the road from the municipal building.
What to order: Local brew of course + the irresistibly looking cakes and pastries.

Insider Tip: Buy some of those small P20 each square/rectangular pastries, not too sweet but delightfully yummy.

Serves:  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Price: P20 small pastries, P150 cakes, P200 meals.
Atey, Daoangan, Sagada
Mob.: +63 0998 988 6257



  1. Next time also try Gaia, out of town going toward Sumaging cave, good vegan food, great views, nice people. If you feel like burgers and pizza, Misty Lodge, bit out of town in the other direction, going toward Bontoc.

    1. I missed that one (Gaia), I've passed by there, lovely setting, next time I'll visit Sagada, soon.