Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And so I’m back in Baguio, just for the holy week.  I’m already “at home” in Sagada, but couple of days before I left, tourists are coming in troops and I don’t want to be caught up in a frenzy of holidaying tourists from Manila and nearby provinces.
So here I am staying at my friend’s transient house in Baguio, which is a bit off the city center.  My brother came too from Pangasinan, he’ll be staying with me for a week, and it’s his first time in Baguio which is quite funny tome, so I’ve to take him around. 
Yesterday, we went to Camp John Hay, it’s about 10 minutes ride from Burnham Park.
We took the jeepney near Burnham Park, beside the skate park, fare is just P8.50.

It’s Easter Sunday and Camp John Hay wasn’t spared from swarms of holiday-makers and locals spending the holiday.  The park was packed and lots of families put up tents on grassy clearing around the park.
In contrast with Burnham Park, Camp John Hay is more in a natural (ish) state, peppered with loads of trees and green grassy sods.  There are restaurants and several big shops near the entrance and further up the road, a cultural center, and a big hotel (Le Monet) inside the park and the Mile-Hi shopping center.

For amusement, there’s an extreme adventure park where you’ll find the small zipline, butterfly sanctuary, paintball republic, target shooting, rappel, wall climbing and eco trail if you fancy hiking or biking along a well outlined footpath, you won’t get lost so don’t worry.
Camp John Hay used to be a US military base established in 1903 for use by US military and Department of Defense in far east Asia.  When it was handed over to the Philippine government in 1991, and in 1997 the camp has been run by private developer that leads to amendments to the place.

Brief Info:
John Hay Air Station was established on October 25, 1903 after President Theodore Roosevelt signed an executive order setting aside land in Benguet for a military reservation under the United States Army. The reservation was named after Roosevelt's Secretary of State, John Milton Hay. For a time, elements of the 1st Battalion of the Philippine Division's 43d Infantry Regiment (PS) were stationed here.  [Wikipedia]
Jeepney from Burnham Park (Plaza) to Camp John Hay                   
P 8.50
Maricar’s Transient House
Address: Bayan Park near Ambiong Baranggay Hall, Aurora Hill
Mob.: +63 9158688838

1,000/ room/week
How to get there:
Take the jeepney that goes to Scout Barrio, parked beside the Jadewell Skate Park,  near the footbridge opposite Tiongsan Department Store along Harrison Road.
Address: Loakan Rd, Baguio, Philippines
Google Map Location:  Camp John Hay.

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