Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Purportedly the most popular restaurant in town, so when my travel companions sent me a text message that they’re dining at Yoghurt House, I darted in there.  I found them seated on the second level of the wooden restaurant from floor to ceiling.

It’s probably one of the fine (at least in the town’s standard) dining option in Sagada.  Wooden tables and chairs, neatly framed b&w photographs of indigenous people lining the walls, real tree trunks as posts in between tables.  There’s a balcony overlooking the street below, simply ornamented interior but classy.

There’s a bar on the ground level as well as the kitchen.  The food is good, I did not say excellent, but gracefully prepared in a nice glossy white ceramics plate, a novelty hard to find around this town.
Most of the people in the group ordered chicken, I likewise did, I forgot the name of the dish but I’ve overheard the word “java”, it’s chicken thighs that tasted like it was grilled – looked like tandoori to me - and teemed with thick sauce, served with green salad, and a cup of the traditional red(ish) boiled rice.
The place is popular among tourists, foreign and locals, and owing to its popularity, people who come to Sagada come looking for this restaurant right after they dump their luggage at their accommodations.

I’ve heard about complaints on service crew’s impatience, tactlessness, etc.  I’ve never noticed those though.  The guy who served us was just exhibiting the “I’m just performing my job” attitude, not rude, not impolite, not impatient, just not amiably friendly. 
I don’t really understand it, when people made a place popular (with good reviews), the place earned its rights to be proud or borderline-overweening,  now people starts to whine.  I’ll write about this issue in another post.

Value-to-price ratio, I would say just enough, borderline steep.  I’m not jubilant with excitement, yet I prefer the home-cooked kind.  If I did gave YH a second chance, perhaps the other items on their menu might enchant me, but I’m not a big fan of yoghurts, being lactose intolerant (I just want to use the word, it sounded like an elegant health condition) , and for the price, hmmmm, I’ll pause for a second thought. 

Remember, I’m a budget traveler on a long sabbatical journey, not a splurging tourist.  Can’t blame me, I got used to exploring low-cost-everything, without compromising much of the value, mostly, don’t get me wrong though, I splurge sometimes, if need be.
I think I’ll give it another try, next week probably.
Ave. Price: P150 - 300
South Rd, Sagada 2619, Mountain Province.
Mob.: +63 908 112 8430


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